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Terry Crews & Lucy Liu's Hidden Talents

After Terry Crews demonstrates his musical talents on the flute, Lucy Liu busts out a split that would give any gymnast envy. "Subscribe To ""The Late...

Lucy Lui is Knocked out by one punch

Lolita Davidovich Floors Lucy Lui with one punch.

Lucy Liu in the Hot Seat

"Elementary" star Lucy Liu dishes on her hit new show and reveals if she was nervous playing the role of Dr. Watson, which is traditionally played by ...

Lucy Liu: ‘Every Day Is Just A Miracle’ With New Baby Rockwell | TODAY

Actress Lucy Liu joins TODAY to talk about the fourth season of “Elementary,” the TV series in which she plays Watson to a modern-day Sherlock Holmes....

Lucy Lui and Sharon Stone attend unveiling of new collection

SHOTLIST APTN Paris, 4 September 2005 1. Exteriors Le Grand Palais in Paris 3. Various shots people entering the show 4. S/U shot Rachel Weisz 5.

Lucy Liu Has Been Playing Accordion Under An Alias

The 'Elementary' star explains what attracted her to the side hustle of accordion. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE:

Mel Gibson sneaks up on Lucy Liu.

"PAYBACK". Love that movie.

The Man With The Iron Fists - Lucy Liu Fight Clip (HD) - "The Man with the Iron Fists" - Lucy Liu Fight Clip In feudal China, a blacksmith who makes weapons for a small village is put ...

Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller on fifth season of "Elementary"

Before Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller were co-stars on "Elementary," she was one of Charlie's Angels, and he was a young computer geek in "Hackers.

Lucy Lui about Payback (1999)

Lucy Lui talks about "Payback" from 1999.

( LRCO ) Photoshoot Lucy Lui by Rodrigo Otazu ( LRCO ) styling by Kithe Brewster

Photoshoot Lucy Lui by Rodrigo Otazu styling by the great Kithe Brewster.

Ken Rebel-lucy lui (Prod. By Grand Guava)

Part 2 of the lucy series.

Lucy Liu performing awesome Splits on CBS live

Lucy Lui wear cute dress while doing the cool split on live show.

Nine Australia - Cashmere Mafia (Lucy Lui Promo) - New Logo

Nine Australia - Cashmere Mafia (Lucy Lui Promo) - New Logo.

Charlie's Angels (3/8) Movie CLIP - Stimulating Innovation (2000) HD

Charlie's Angels movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: WATCH ON ....

Lucy Liu - Fight Scenes

Lucy Liu - Fight Scenes.

Lucy Liu vs Lucy Lui | Old Oskom UO Shard

Lucy Liu (Elf) vs Lucy Liu (Elf) 1x1 Monglow Territory | Old Oskom является старейшим русскоязычным игровым сервером Ultima Online. Шард созда......


The second part of Lucy Lui's chat with Hunger TV about her art. Missed the first part? You can watch it here:

Lucy, Drew & Cameron win Blockbuster Award 2001

Lucy Lui, Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz win Blockbuster Award 2001 for Charlie's Angel's. Also featured is Tom Green.

Lucy Lui: Zum ersten Mal im Mutterglück!

Hol' dir täglich die besten Promi-News! Schauspielerin Lucy Liu hält ihr privat L...