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Nervous Squirrel - Ring Modulator

Not a module but works perfectly with modular, takes up no HP and no power! The Nervous Squirrel - Ring Modulator works great with line levels for ...

Nervous Squirrel checking me out.

When I was taping this squirrel, he didn;t know what to make of my camera.


he's assaulting kugel on the nickerson green. and no, the camera wasn't zoomed in.

Nervous squirrel scared by birds

This squirrel was totally freaked out by a cardinal and a tiny carolina wren. His reaction is priceless. The slow motion really captures his reactions...

Nervous Squirrel

Squirrel keeping an eye out for a hawk that has been checking out the area. This GoPro video was shot and edited by Lynn Hemeon of ...

Nervous Squirrel says "Bombs Away!"

Squirrel gets a nut from the bag feeder, but then notices something in the distance -- WAY in the distance -- and warns the other squirrels in the are...

Nervous Squirrel Wants Egg

Squirrel Wants The Egg.

feeding a squirrel

my mom feeds squirrels all the time from her back door, so you can just open the door and hand them a peanut...though this guy was a bit nervous.

Squirrel at Chiang Mai Zoo dining on bananas then chases bird away

Watch a nervous squirrel feast on a banana buffet - then chase after a bird who makes a play for the bananas. To use this video in a commercial player...

Nervous red squirrel

Very funny and very nervous red squirrel coming to eat peanuts from me.

Nervous Squirrel Finally Bags a Walnut

I think there must've been a cat on the prowl before I stepped outside...

"This is my.." Feat. Greg, Lee Mack, Clare Balding and Rob Delaney - Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC]

Clare: "This is Greg, and he is the RSPCA officer who came to my aid when a squirrel climbed into my handbag and wouldn't get out." Lee: "This is Greg...

Sabrina's breakfast 6.21.17

Just an example of Sabrina's breakfast. She's usually much more relaxed, this attempt to film it was out of the norm and so that's why she's nervous.

Solenoid Drum Machine the XA-20 Loading New Samples

The solenoid drum machine. Built to spec to fit Red bull cans in as a rhythm device. Check that video here!

Nervous Squirrel

This Red Squirrel was at Lime Creek Nature Center on May 10, 2018. It sure looked nervous as it bounced on this tree.

Nervous squirrels "Ardillas nerviosas"

Tree squirrels run fast and jump long distances on tiny branches high up in trees. Many squirrels chatter and use their tails to communicate a complex...

Dog TV - Relaxing Music TV for Dogs - Videos to help calm anxiety with Birds Squirrels and chipmunks

Dog TV - Relaxing Music TV for Dogs - Videos to help calm anxiety with Birds Squirrels and chipmunks - Engage your dog and keep them entertained and ....

Nervous Squirrel

Nervous Squirrel.

Part 3: Nervous squirrel finally eats the peanut!

Finally, my new furry neighbor is comfortable enough to eat the peanut while I am nearby. This time he ate it instead of burying it in my flower box -...

Squirrel: Grabby nervous

Something is making this squirrel nervous.

Nervous squirrel

Nova Scotia.