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Obi-wan kenobi - master of trolling вместе с general grievous - usatyoutube.

Obi-wan kenobi - master of trolling вместе с general grievous. usatyoutube, durge, mandalorian deadpool red band trailer.

Tesla drive in resturant

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This giant alligator looks like a dinosaur

Florida is known for gator sightings, but this one is unlike anything we've ever seen before.

USAT Solution Series - CBA850 Failover / Business Continuity

Learn more about the Cradlepoint CBA850 and this solution: Defining the industry standard for reliability in cellular routing, th...

Woman, kids held captive for 2 years

Neighbors had no idea the woman and her two children were even in the Virginia home.

Mom: 'We are broken' after loss of septuplets

A former Carolina Panthers player and his wife open up about the loss of their septuplets and how they are still hopeful for the future.

Boy's science fair project turns into more than a grade

An eighth grader makes an unexpected discovery while working on a science fair project: how to extend the life of a hearing aid battery.

See what happens when a semi truck takes on icy hill

When a sports car made it up this icy hill without problem, this semi truck driver may have thought it would be easy. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorfu...

Go inside the mind of FBI's most wanted pedophile

Former third grade teacher Eric Toth was the first pedophile to be named to the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted List. He gives a candid account of his crime...

Sierra Wireless RV50 Optimized for Low Power

This video will walk you through the configuration of the RV50 to ensure that you optimized it for your application. You will learn how to optimize: -...

Waitress gets $1000 tip with 'you rock' note

A Colorado waitress received a $1000 tip from a woman eating alone. The tipper, named Susan, had been waiting for the perfect time to pay if forward.

This two-legged dog's wheels are cooler than yours!

A Chihuahua puppy named TurboRoo has gone from being abandoned in a veterinarian's office to having more than 66000 Instagram followers.

When Pizza is life...

This 13-month-old little girl already knows what's important in life: pizza. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at

Watch new Air Force pilot take his WWII grandpa flying

92-year-old WWII pilot, Bob Jorgenson, pinned some very special wings on his grandson when he graduated from Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas. They we...

Amelia Earhart mystery may have just been solved

A new study in the journal 'Forensic Anthropology' suggests that bones discovered on a South Pacific island are those of famed aviator Amelia Earhart....

Adults shocked by what teens did while they were asleep

Six teenagers 'paid it forward' by shoveling their neighbors' driveways of freshly fallen snow early on a Sunday morning. When the homeowners woke up ...

Gov. Christie tells heckler to 'sit down and shut up'

Gov. Chris Christie told a heckler critical of his handling of Superstorm Sandy recovery to "Sit down and shut up" on the second anniversary of the st...

Woman's stolen car comes back all pimped out

Thanks to a Good Samaritan, a Missouri woman got her stolen car back on April Fools' Day after thieves drove it away and pimped it out.

Cop turns table on IRS scammer

Officer Roder didn't bite when he received an urgent phone call from the IRS. Watch him turn the tables on this scammer.

Victim out $510K after online romance scam

Con artists have a formula that continues to fool unsuspecting victims into handing over money, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, with onlin...

Miami bridge collapse scene is now a 'recovery mission'

Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta confirmed 'at least six fatalities' after a newly-built bridge collapsed on Florida International Universi...

Military mom's priceless reaction to surprise homecoming

Grant Jackson has been stationed in Okinawa, Japan as an an E3 Airman 1st Class for nearly two years. When he surprised his mom by walking into her ki...

Go inside 'La La Land's' big opening number

Director Damien Chazelle mapped out 'Another Day of Sun' on his iPhone.

Meet 'Casper,' the friendly baby goat

Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia is home to countless exotic animals, but none like their new addition, Casper.