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Beeping Eggs Take Easter Egg Hunts To Next Level | Humankind

More kids than ever before will be able to have fun at this Easter egg hunt, and they have law enforcement to thank for it.

Pres. Trump incorrectly tweets that millions have died in Sri Lanka bombing

In expressing his condolences, President Donald Trump incorrectly tweeted that 138 million people had died in the Sri Lanka blasts on Easter Sunday.

At least 190 people are dead after Sri Lanka bombing on Easter Sunday

Simultaneous blasts occurred in Sri Lanka Easter Sunday morning at three churches and three hotels. At least 190 people are dead and 500 are injured.

Giant Rabbit And Little Girl Make Adorable Duo | Animalkind

Cocoa Puff the 18-pound Giant rabbit is just about the height of his favorite human. *****************************************************************...

Four Pugs Reunite With One Sailor And The Result Is Hilarious | MIlitarykind

One sailor is no match for four pugs who are happy to see him. You will love this special military homecoming with man's best friend!

Gillibrand arm-wrestles younger Democrat after Twitter challenge

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is challenged to an arm-wrestling bout with a 20-year-old college student during a campaign ...

5 Easter traditions around the world

Every culture has their own unique holiday traditions, rooted in that region's folklore and history. Here are five popular Easter traditions from arou...

Drone shows homes ravaged by Mississippi tornado

A drone camera shows the devastating aftermath of a tornado in Morton, Mississippi. Do you like what you see? Subscribe to our YouTube channel: ...

4th Graders Have Amazing Reaction To Classmate Revealing He Has Autism | Humankind

A student raised his hand and asked to speak to the class. His teacher never imagined the beautiful moment that would unfold next.

Baby Dolphin Reunited With Mom After Amazing Rescue | Animalkind

Rescuers race to reunite baby dolphin with mom after it was caught in a fishing line. Incredible animal rescue caught on camera.

Phone Call From Stranger Becomes Accidental Friendship | Humankind

Grandma Margaret kept calling the wrong number, trying to reach her grandson. Luckily for both of them, the stranger on the other end kept picking up.

Proud Mama Alpaca Watches Baby Take First Steps | Animalkind

All this baby alpaca needed was a little push from mom to take its first, wobbly steps. **************************************************************...

A look at this week's top 3 must-see weather videos

This week's top 3 must-see weather videos include a water spout, spiraling clouds and a meteor caught on a dash cam. Do you like what you see? Subscri...

'House of horrors' daughter tells parents in court: You took my whole life from me

A daughter of David and Louise Turpin tells her parents at their sentencing hearing that she is a fighter and strong. For more on this story: https://...

'House of horrors' son tells parents in court: 'I still have nightmares'

One of David and Louise Turpin's children reads a letter at their sentencing hearing. For more on this story: Do you like what ...

'House of horrors' couple weep in court: Sorry for hurting my children

The Southern California couple who pleaded guilty in February to torture, false imprisonment and endangering their children for dozens of years in a c...

Senate to hold first vote on Green New Deal

The Green New Deal, liberal Democrats' sweeping proposal to address climate change, will get its first vote on Capitol Hill Tuesday. The Senate is sch...

Live stream: California couple face lengthy prison terms for torturing their 13 children | USA TODAY

A California couple who pleaded guilty to torture and years of abuse that included shackling some of their 13 children to beds and starving them to th...

Pot's surprising history

From ancient China to 420, pot has come a long way. Saturday is a high-ranking made-up holiday. It's 4/20, aka Weed Day or Pot Day, and that means spe...

Festival of Freedom: 6 facts about the Passover holiday

This year's Passover celebration falls on April 19 and ends on April 27. Whether you're personally participating or not, it's important to understand ...

Firefighters push disabled veteran home after wheelchair battery dies

When a disabled veteran's wheelchair got stuck in the mud and its battery died, these Missouri firefighters pushed him all the way home.

DNA from old razor solves 41-year-old cold case

After more than 40 years, DNA evidence has linked the unsolved rape and murder of two women in California to a man who died in a Washington prison, po...

Mama duck and 10 ducklings rule the road

A mother duck and her 10 ducklings shut down a stretch of highway in Austria after drivers spotted them on the side of the road.

3-year-old Flies Across The Country To Surprise Navy Mom | Militarykind

This 3-year-old and her uncle pulled off the ultimate surprise for her Navy mom. ************************************************************ Check ou...