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13 Funny Student Pranks On Teacher! School Pranks!

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Mrs. Smith will have a hard day today, because we have prepared many pranks for her. Fake boiled egg with acrylic paint inside! Blackboard with cute fridge magnets! And a cup with the inscription "poison" inside! Watch these and other cool school pranks in our new video!

Supplies and tools
• Radio-controlled car
• Gouache
• Slime
• Plastic school supplies cup
• Utility knife
• Candle
• Artificial flower
• Brooch blank
• Hot glue gun
• Black pepper
• Empty chocolate candies package
• Radish
• Double sided tape
• Bag of chips
• Carrot
• Notebook
• Butter
• Ring binder
• Slinky
• Cup
• Permanent marker
• Raw egg
• Needle
• Syringe
• Acrylic paint
• Sandwich
• Plate
• Condensed milk
• A pile of notebooks
• Decorative stones

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