Amazon's Accidental 99% DISCOUNT - WAN Show July 19, 2019 -

Amazon's Accidental 99% DISCOUNT - WAN Show July 19, 2019

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of mars myk)

0:00 Importance of eye contact with the camera
4:00 haunted stream
6:50 amazon pricing error
7:30 LTT awards program
8:30 amazon story continued
10:28 Linus story time (mountain mods)
20:30 discussion: what is ethical (apparently stealing duffle bags from homeless millionaires)
30:55 LTT store: water bottle
31:50 LTT store: stealth bundle shhh its secret
33:04 worlds second greatest dad confirmed 3:20
38:30 cho-chooooooo
39:35 LTX
42:20 wth
44:40 Sponsor bench
45:37 Sponsor honey
46:26 Sponsor squarespace
47:11 new nintendo switch
53:16 neuralink
58:00 facebook ftc fine
1:03:50 super chat
1:04:18 oneplus 7 pro vs pixel 3a XL
1:04:51 channel super fun O.o
1:08:24 Saturday Stream from LTX at different time