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Why is it so Easy to be Thin in Japan?

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Video description
Comparing the food environment of the U.S. to Japan's.
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This video highlights the difference between the food environment of America and Japan. America's obesity rate is about 30% (biggest state is 37.7%, smallest 22.3%) whereas Japan's obesity rate is 3.5%
While there's other countries on each side of the obesity spectrum, I chose to compare these two because I grew up in America and spent the last 7 years here in Japan. The places that I describe as "reasonably healthy" in Japan aren't necessarily places I recommend as "optimally healthy" - I'm simply point out that while convenient food in America ranges from very unhealthy to unhealthy, convenient food in Japan ranges from very unhealthy to pretty healthy.

Big thanks to Itchban for letting me use his footage (6:30 - 6:48):

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